Ambient assisted living (AAL)

Many people are living with physical or mental handicaps, which make their lives uncomfortable or even impossible living alone without help.

A solution is  „barrierfree  & ambient assisted living“.

This group will be supported by technical solutions, so that they can stay  in their homes (depending degree of handicap with or without the support of mobile nursing & care services).

AAL solutions can also be used in nursing homes &  retirement homes as well.

Altersgerechtes Wohnen (AAL)

Examples products:

Movement detector / Panic button / Smoke detector / IP-cameras / Comfort-Sensor / Nurse Call / Entrance-access-control-unit / Room-status-light

Examples solutions:

Movement activates lights from bed to bathroom / light follows your moves / alerting scenarios / control appartment via joystick wheelchair / control appartment via touchscreen or speech commands

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