More comfort in your home by integrating:

  • lighting (dimming as well)
  • shadowing (shutter, roller shutter, blind)
  • heating (floor heating, radiator)
  • entrance (doorbell, door video system, etc)
  • security (sensors, IP-camera, simulation of presence)
  • music (e.g. with Sonos)

Additional comfort by controlling your home via smartphone or tablet (whereever you are)

Your benefit

  • „old world“ keeps alive: functionality of the push switch (on/off, scenes activized by multi tap, dimming)
  • control via tablet and smartphone as well, with several apps, incl. remote control (wifi, GSM)
  • defined lighting scenes and moods (e.g. leaving, cooking, television, sleeping, etc.)
  • simulation of presence
  • userdefined actions

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