Security in your intelligent home can be realized with several devices,
as e.g.*:


  • smoke detector / motion detector
  • indoor-IP-camera / outdoor-IP-camera
  • automation terminal block (integrates the devices into the dS-system)
  • panic button
  • door- / windowsensor
  • door video system (e.g. doorbird)
  • weatherstation and much more

In combination with the apps of dS, all devices are orchestrated together, e.g. when is an alert scenario activated, who is getting a push notification, what shall happen in such a scenario, etc.

* basic installation in the fuse box is necessary for using the whole system

Your benefit

  • Integration move detectors, smoke detectors, window-/doorsensor, ip-cameras (indoor/outdoor)
  • panic-button
  • Active messaging e.g. in case of alert (security service desk/neighbours/etc.) via mail, push-notification, Twitter
  • integration of installed security-systems
  • integration of soundsystems (e.g. Sonos) for acoustic alert
  • simulation of presence
  • high protection of your personal data (server-based and in the cloud)

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