Energy efficiency

Control the heating system with the energy efficiency package in your home (floor heating system and radiatiors)*:

  • 3  x  Thermostate (e.g. transmitting radio signals)
  • 3  x  iSens(room temperature sensor, e.g. transmitting radio signals)
  • 1  x   Modul Plan 44 (integrates radion signals in the dS system)


* Example for a 3-room-appartment, single room control and measuring is possible now, can be reduced/enlarged, depending on the object. basic installation in the fuse box is necessary for using the whole system

In combination with the dS-heating app, you can control the heating scenario at home, single rooms as well. (e.g.: While staying in the holidays, reduce the temperature at home. Before coming back, return to the normal temperature at home). It´s so easy to optimize your heating costs.

Your benefit

  • measuring energy consumption (day/week/month)
  • measuring house / single room / single electrical device
  • apps for measurement and analysis
  • integration heating incl. app (including remote access and single room)
  • integration photovoltaik-systems und alternative sources possible

  • moods & themes in lighting

  • „Leaving“-Button (switches off all electrical devices in your home, when you are leaving, including turning down heating

  • devices into ECO-Status)

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