The „basic“-equipment of your smart home will be installed in the fuse box, and looks f. e. like this*:

  • 1 x server(dSS), for entering the system via Smartphone, etc.
  • 1 x energy adapter(dSN), energy andapter Server
  • 3 x meter(dSM), unit communicating bi-directional to the electrical devices(several dS-terminal blocks)
  • 3 x filter(dSF), making your system safe inside and outside

Your home is smart home ready now!

* Example for a 3-room-appartment, single room control and measuring is possible now, can be reduced/enlarged, depending on the object

Your benefit:

Your home is smart home ready now! With the basic installation in your fuse box you are able to visualize, measure and analyze the energy consumption in your house/appartment(even of a single room). All other solutions can be adopted now easily.

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